How To Market Your Youtube Video Effectively

Posted in Video Marketing at 9:00 pm by Randall Magwood

There are some things that you can do to market your Youtube videos effectively. You want to market your Youtube videos so that you can get more views to your videos and increase their popularity. If you’ve ever seen videos with millions of views and would like to know the secret to their success, then [...]


2 Ways To Prevent Joint Venture Failure

Posted in JV Marketing, Uncategorized at 7:46 pm by Randall Magwood

Joint ventures (JV’s) online are a great way to boost your bottom line without doing much work. You don’t have to spend money on advertising, you don’t have to build a list, and you don’t have to include any documents or lawyers in the whole process. Doing a JV online is so easy that anyone [...]


What Podcasting Is And How You Can Use It

Posted in Social Marketing at 5:38 pm by Randall Magwood

In the world of internet marketing, there’s a form of marketing called “podcasting” that you can use to get more new visitors to your website or blog. Podcasting is something that is very effective, and you can definitely increase your bottom line by using this technique alone. A podcast is simply an MP3 audio file [...]


Why Youtube Is An Internet Marketing Sensation

Posted in Video Marketing at 9:12 pm by Randall Magwood

Youtube is one of the best marketing mediums that you can use in your internet business. It’s such a sensation that everyday, millions of people visit this website to watch their favorite shows, episodes, documentaries, music videos, and movies. And if you want to get in on the “Youtube” craze, now is a great time [...]


How To Stay Competitive In Your Online Business

Posted in Internet Marketing at 7:34 pm by Randall Magwood

To stay competitive in your niche, you need to implement a wide variety of online marketing strategies. You can’t just rely on 1 or 2 strategies to get you the bulk of your traffic. You have to do more if you want to see success online, and see success each and everyday that your website [...]

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