Internet Marketing Information Newbies Can Use

Posted in Internet Marketing at 5:19 pm by Randall Magwood

If you’re a newbie to internet marketing, you will find that it’s kind of hard to promote your products online. I can remember when I first got started out online, things were very challenging. I didn’t know how to get traffic to my website, I had an ugly looking website, and the only thing I [...]


Confessions From A Former Struggling Online Business Owner

Posted in Internet Marketing at 5:38 pm by Randall Magwood

When it comes to internet marketing, do you feel like you know what you are doing? For some people, selling products on the internet is a challenging thing to do. However if you have the right guidance, you should know that internet marketing success can be yours simply and easily. When I was in college [...]


2 Tips For Selecting The Perfect Clickbank Product To Promote

Posted in Affiliate Marketing at 6:50 pm by Randall Magwood

When you go to Clickbank, do you feel overwhelmed by all of the products that are in the marketplace? For some people, the answer is an absolute “yes”. So the best way to work around this dilemma is to find the niche first, and then go in search for a product that will help you [...]


Blog Marketing And RSS Marketing For More Customers

Posted in Blog Marketing, RSS Marketing at 3:25 pm by Randall Magwood

Alot of people want to know how they can get free traffic to their website simply and easily. Well, the process isn’t as hard as one would imagine it to be. I’ve made an entire business out of free marketing, and I love the results that I am getting. Most people who try free marketing [...]


Marketing Your Podcasts Made Simple

Posted in Social Marketing at 5:58 pm by Randall Magwood

Podcasts can be a great way for you to expand your marketing message and get more sales for your business. If you want to know how to use podcasts to your advantage today, then you have landed on the right page! I want to show you how you can use podcasts to get you more [...]


Boring Advertising And Direct Response Marketing

Posted in Copywriting at 3:24 pm by Randall Magwood

If there’s one question that you will want to ask yourself when advertising your business online, it’s, “Is my advertising boring?” This is something that is an essential question that you need to ask if you want to get alot of sales and profits in your online business. It’s tough enough to get sales as [...]

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